6 Nov 2012

Madara Malmane is so hot she can melt a glacier

Yeah, I know this Tuesday will be remembered from now on as ‘Election day 2012’ but.. you could also remember it as the day you first heard of this super hottie from Latvia who goes by the name Madara Malmane. Don’t even bother asking me for more details about this girl because.. I have absolutely no idea.

There’s very little info about her online, but she has a wikipedia page which means she’s probably pretty popular. I don’t have a Wikipedia page yet, even though everyone knows me as Mr. Popularity haha. What I do know about this blonde sweetie is that she sure fills out a tiny bikini rather breathtakingly.

Here she is unleashing her groovy little curves in a wonderful swimwear photoshoot for Andres Sarda that will probably make you remember her name from now on. She’s a freaking hottie, and just after this one post I’ve already added Madara Malmane to my radar. Enjoy!