27 Jun 2012

Macri Elena Vélez Sánchez is back by popular demand!

A couple of weeks ago, we posted here an awesome lingerie photoshoot with a ‘new’ Colombian bombshell, the uber hot Macri Elena Vélez Sánchez, and… judging by the views, likes, and exactly five emails I’ve received from you guys asking for more, I’m pretty sure you were all over her.

She was so freaking hot that some of you even remembered her name properly, which, let’s face it, is pretty damn long to remember, right? Today I thought I’d follow up the gush fest with these brand spanking new shots of Macri Elena (I guess that’s her first name lol), looking drop dead sexy in swimwear for the new Garotas collection.

This photoshoot is perfect proof that this peach looks amazing no matter what, you’ve already seen her in lingerie and now she’s dropping our jaws in sexy bikinis. Yeah, these pics are a ‘bit’ photoshopped but sweet lord, this girl has some mind blowing curves. Enjoy!