9 Oct 2013

Luscious Danielly Silva is out in the sun

Well, hello there, beautiful! Sure, she might not answer now, but just wait for me to get buff and drive up in my Bimmer.. that’s gonna be my lucky day! Until then, however, I’m cursed to admire this incredible Brazilian bodacious babe – need to give my tongue a rest there. Anyway, the hottie giving my tongue trouble is none other than Danielly Silva, and her tight little self in A Che swimwear outfits. Damn, girl, you hot!

Never heard of this babe before, which my tongue deeply regrets. On the other hand, the team that was in charge of this photo-shoot probably has, and they were either mesmerized by her perfect sexy figure or the sun had damaged their visual senses for the day; I’m looking carefully at some of these pictures, and I get the distinct impression that this  tanned, tender and truly hot babe is a vampire. Anyone thinking Twilight?

Ah, come on, there’s no way that could be true, she’s Brazilian, remember? How the hell could she get a tan if she’d sparkle all day long – Diamonds don’t shine, that’s for Rihanna to find out. Meanwhile, Danielly Silva is here to stay and you’ll probably hear about this superb sweetie as she takes the world by storm. Here she is, shining in the sun. Enjoy!