27 Nov 2012

Luna Castilho looking so damn sweet you’ll squirm

Alright mates, it’s that time of the day once again: time to drool over a fresh new face.. and body! Here’s another Brazilian supermodel you probably don’t know yet, a blonde bombshell who goes by the name Luna Castilho, that looks exactly like you’d expect from a model from Brazil.

I don’t know what’s happening there, but this country is #1 in terms of hot women. I’m planning to visit Brazil in two years for the 2014 World Cup and if you don’t hear back from me after a couple of weeks, I probably fell in love and decided to stay. Anyways, sweet Christmas, is this girl ridiculously hot or what !??

Here’s Luna Castilho looking absolutely adorable and stunning while posing for the newest collection of skimpy lingerie from Bare Necessities. Props to these guys for discovering her.. drop dead gorgeous. Enjoy!