2 Aug 2012

Luisana Lopilato will make you squirm in your chair!

Birds flying high, you know how I feel, sun in the sky, you know how I feel.. Sh*t, can’t believe I’m starting an article with a Michael Buble song but hey, the guy is married to this blonde bombshell from Argentina and probably that’s why he’s feeling good all the time and came up with this catchy song.

I think one of the most unacceptable things in the modeling world is that we don’t get to see photos of Luisana Lopilato nearly enough as we should. And you can clearly see why we should be given the chance to gawk at this ridiculously sexy blonde as much as possible, like at least once per week, by clicking at any of the photos below.

Today we finally have a new set of photos with Luisana Lopilato for you guys and gals, looking like her usual vision of perfection in skimpy lingerie (and some bikinis as well) in these new photos from Ultimo. Without further ado, enjoy the sizzling photos and check out the related articles below for even more Luisana sexiness.