6 May 2010

Ludwika Paleta shows off her totally rocking body

Ludwika Paleta 1

This is our gift for you guys to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. For those of you who don’t know yet, Cinco de Mayo is a popular Mexican holiday. Also, we know it’s one day later, but who cares? We had to show you some Mexican hottie to celebrate this event and the girl we’re about to show you will completely amaze you, even though she’s not really Mexican.

Ludwika Paleta might be a really popular Mexican actress but this babe is not like any other Latino hottie because she has a Polish name and also great Polish genes. She moved to Mexico from Poland when she was just a kid with her family and 20 years later she became one of the most popular actresses from this country.

She’s fluent in Spanish, Polish and also English and she already appeared in a lot of TV soap operas and a couple of films so she’s really famous in Mexico at the moment. Since Ludwika Paleta looks incredible on screen, the Mexican mens magazines H Para Hombres featured her in a gorgeous photoshoot a while ago. Enjoy!