19 Oct 2010

Lucy Pinder busts out her groovy curves in her 2011 calendar

Lucy Pinder 2011 calendar 1

Here’s everyone’s favorite British model, the bodacious Lucy Pinder, looking drop dead sexy for her brand new 2011 calendar. I am a huge fan of Lucy and her marvelous cleavage and if there’s one perfect calendar to hang over your bed or keep it on your desk, it definitely has to feature Lucy too.

In this new calendar she’s unleashing her amazing hotness from every inch of her body and that fantastic rack of hers makes me go gaga in a matter of seconds. That’s what I usually do when I see a couple of new pics with this babe and I’m a bit disappointed we haven’t featured her here as often as we’d like.

I guess these pics should be just enough to please our eyes. Don’t know if you’re still following me so I’d better stop here and leave you enjoy these delightful photos from Lucy’s new calendar. I’ve drolled over them for a couple of minutes and I have a weird feeling that you’re going to do the same.