27 Sep 2010

Lucia Dvorska in a tiny bikini is like a 10/10 babe

Lucia Dvorska Swimwear 1

Get ready because what you’re about to see in this article will totally knock you off your chair! If you’re like me, you probably know every girl who appeared in the greatest issue of a magazine on the planet, the Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated and…. you might remember seeing this drop dead gorgeous babe back in 2009 in this issue.

Now I don’t know exactly why she wasn’t featured in this year’s issue as well.. because I’m pretty damn sure a lot of us wanted to see more of this girl but… I guess the occasional photoshoots in swimwear or lingerie are just enough to please our eyes too.

Who is she you ask? Her name is Lucia Dvorska are she’s a 22 year old Slovak model who already impressed everyone across the globe with her beautiful curves and charming smile. She’s a bit underrated at the moment if you ask me but with more pics like these, she’ll surely get the attention she deserves.

So, there you go, here is Lucia Dvorska looking absolutely stunning in this Sauvage swimwear photoshoot that’s hot enough to melt the ice from your whisky glass instantly.