31 Jul 2017

Lovely Lady Boners And The Truth Of It

It is a common fact that all of men have one thing in common when we a sexual arousal. Just by the word arousal in “sexual arousal” itself already suggest the manner in which our mystical sword of wonders rise for the occasion. But what the question is how does it happen to the opposite sex? Do they also have a boner like we do? If so, how do their sexual arousal manifest physiologically speaking or does it only happen through their heads?

Lady Boners

The above stated questions are some of the things that keeps bugging me whenever there is a sexual tension involve in any conversation or social episodes that I witness from others as well as whenever the thought of sexual arousal managed to stop by my mind attic.

I can’t quite put it, but regardless if you admit or not the thought also occurred into us men at least once in a our  bloody life time. So why do not we go ahead and talk about it and together let us be enlightened upon it and eventually we can surpass our current performance in love making.

Do Lady “Boners” Actually Exist?

According to several experts and researches involving human sexuality, lady boners are real. It just so happen that it manifest in the opposite quite differently from us. Compared to us lads, women experience sexual arousal quite interesting.

So, How Do Their Boners Manifest?

Their sexual arousal manifest in two ways (mind you they also happen to us men but not quite distinguishable) and psychologically, and physically. Just like how their moods and hormonal changes vary, their lady boners also happens to them quite unpredictable. One second they are doing their regular fitness regimen, the next second they get indescribably turned on or starts getting naughty thoughts with us lads without even having the faintest trace of it physically or the other way around. Their lady boners are so complex and paradoxical that their sexual appetites are very universal especially to heterosexual females.