14 Jul 2017

Loser Ways Of Saying No To A Date

We’ve asked our researchers to look for the lamest excuses posted online given by people who want to refuse a date and take a look at what we’ve found.

Loser Ways Of Saying No To A Date

Just a reminder though, before we start. I’ve been in both the giving and receiving end and let me tell you that nothing beats being sincere and tactful. Sure there’s no easy way to put down someone as it is also difficult to ask someone out so everyone deserves to be put off nicely.

I’m hungry, I need to eat.

This has to take home the grand prize as the most ridiculous excuse you can give to someone who is asking you out to EAT DINNER.

I need to (insert any activity) early tomorrow.

I know, I know, we’ve all made this lame excuse at one point in our lives not just to put off a date, but it’s not a VALID EXCUSE. I mean, come on, you’re not going on an “unexpected date”, right? You’ve said yes to it and know your schedule beforehand. So early activity tomorrow? A big no-no.

I have been called to an emergency meeting at work – and then posting party pics on social media.

Tsk tsk. You girl should have been honest instead. Guys would understand if you really want to go somewhere that bad rather than stick with us. And who knows? We might just want to tag along, not to stalk you but check out other girls who’d be willing to go on that date you’ve just refused.

I thought you’d be the one to cancel.

Letting a poor sap pull the trigger of the gun you want to shoot? Not good. If one of you really wants to cancel the date, then he or she should be the one to cancel it, not mind-reading and mind-controlling the other guy to chicken out instead.

And there you have it, in the end, again, if you can choose the kinder path to cancel a date, choose that one and spare a heart.