9 Apr 2014

Load up the Nerf Nuke

There’s no better way to work out your differences, especially after a really hard day at the office, than with a Nerf fight. But it gets really old really fast, way too many reloads, and multiple projectiles lost. Not to mention aiming with a Nerf is a challenge, but now there’s no point of that, which is why I’m excited about the release of the Nerf Nuke.

Now this is the Nerf, mother of all Nerfs! It’s loaded up with 80 darts that blast off in all directions up to 30 feet, so if you see one of there, beware. The Nerf Nuke Launcher is a tripod-mounted, direct-plunger system, war-machine ready and willing to deal some serious damage on your enemies. The video below will reveal more about the harmful potential of this Nerf, but I’m guessing there’s nothing like a live test, right?