2 Apr 2012

Lizzy Barter is going to be your new uber crush

Now here’s another hottie you’ve probably never heard of, coming straight from Australia, say hello to the adorably hot Lizzy Barter. I can’t tell you too many things about this peach because there’s very little info about her on the web but.. all I know is that she’s absolutely jaw dropping whenever she poses in lingerie and that’s exactly what you’re going to see right now.

These drool inducing lingerie photos from Le Mystere and Bergdorf Goodman are perfect to get you better acquainted with Lizzy Barter and her tight little body and I’m pretty sure you’re going to love her after this post. She is looking screaming hot and doing one hell of an awesome job of showing off her groovy curves sooo what’s not to love?

Umm, that’s all I could say about this peach right now so I’m going to stop right here and leave the photos do the talking. Enjoy!