12 May 2011

Liza Berggren in swimwear makes me weak at the knees

What’s up guys? We’ve had a day off yesterday because I had to go at some.. social media conference or something (that was as boring as a rats ass) but now we’re back in action with your daily dose of hotness. We’ll kick off the day with a girl you’ve probably never heard of, coming straight from Sweden, who goes by the name Liza Berggren.

Ever since I was pretty tiny I dreamed of going to Sweden and meet a stunning blonde with ocean blue eyes because.. that’s how I imagine girls from Sweden are and this peach is really, really close to that description. A couple of years ago Liza even won her country’s Miss World beauty pageant and since then she’s been modeling here and there.

She’s got the right curves in all the right places and a lovely smile that will make you melt in a matter of seconds I think. She might even convince you to visit Sweden one day. Anyways, so.. here’s former Miss Sweden Liza Berggren looking absolutely gorgeous in a special photoshoot for the new swimwear collection from P2. Enjoy!