1 Feb 2012

Liz Solari is the definition of “sexy as all hell!”

Here’s another hottie requested by one of our fans the other day, a blonde bombshell coming straight from Colombia who goes by the name Liz Solari. I’m a bit ashamed to say that I haven’t seen any photo of this peach until this morning but I’m so freaking glad I got to see her today .. better later than never, eh?

Now before I’ll start drooling over this girl’s totally rocking body and all around perfection, here’s a bit of info I found about her. Apparently she lives in Argentina right now where she’s pretty damn popular after doing what every successful model from that country does.. showing off her curves in skimpy outfits, posing in several magazines and appearing on many TV shows in these last years.

After a bit of research (that’s how we call gawking at hundreds of photos with her) I’ve discovered that she looks amazing no matter what she’s wearing but in lingerie she’s a total knockout. And.. that’s exactly what you’re going to see right now, a couple of breathtaking photos with Liz Solari dropping everyone’s jaw while posing in chic lingerie for Lody.

PS: these photos are a bit old but.. I’m sure they’re new for us and probably for you too.