28 May 2010

Lisandra Silva shows off her totally rocking body

Lisandra Silva Fox 1

I think we’ve never posted a Cubanese beauty until now here but we’ll change that by showing you Lisandra Silva, a girl with fine Cubanese genes who became popular in… Italy! She probably moved there a while ago or maybe her parents were Cubanese and she lived all her life in Italy but the thing is she.. impressed everyone there with her amazing beauty.

This girl is 22 now and her measures are close to perfection. Her body is hot enough to be called responsible for global warming and she has an exotic look that might drop your jaw straight to the floor. I don’t know if this is the first photoshoot she ever made, I only know I wanna see more of her in the future because this babe is perfect!

Apparently a while ago Lisandra Silva competed in a sort of beauty pageant and now she’s starting a career in TV by playing the role of Mother Nature. Now that would be exciting thing to see, right? The Italian magazine FOX Uomo featured Lisandra Silva in their May 2010 Issue in a photoshoot that leaves very little to the imagination and will keep us gawking for minutes!