30 Jun 2011

Lisalla Montenegro looking her absolute hottest

Until a couple of months ago, I had absolutely no idea who Lisalla Montenegro was, but after seeing just one lingerie photoshoot with this Brazilian supermodel, her name was stuck in my mind. Unfortunately for her, there are many other Brazilian models waaay more popular than her that probably steal the show and attention but if she keeps lookin’ this smokin’ and showing off her lovely little body here and there, I’m sure more and more people will know about her.

Here’s an example on how freaking hooot this girl is: Bloomingdales picked Lisalla Montenegro to model their newest swimwear collection and hot damn, that was a great decision! Her drool inducing body probably looks incredible no matter what she’s wearing but with this swimwear we could appreciate and gawk at almost every inch of it.

Expect to see a lot more of this hot little minx in the near future because I’m starting to like her a lot! So… enjoy the photos and make sure to remember her name.