14 Nov 2013

Oh yes, Lisalla Montenegro is simply sizzlin’

Good lord, this girl can be called responsible for global warming with the amount of hotness she’s radiating from these photos. The sex appeal from this photoshoot is almost palpable. Here’s a bunch of much needed photos of the uber sexy Brazilian supermodel Lisalla Montenegro doing one hell of a god job of looking hot for the newest collection from Macy’s – a dream come true.

I’ve drooled over her groovy little body both in lingerie and in sexy bikinis a lot of times already and I guess she can look good wearing anything and doing just about anything. Lisalla is unleashing some seriously sexy poses and sultry curves in this new photoshoot but those legs, those sex-appeal oozing, gorgeous legs are driving me insane. Can you handle the sizzling pics right here? I bet not!

Well, if you needed another reason to love Brazilian supermodels, here it is. I’m gonna stop right here and leave you guys enjoy the sizzling pics below. Enjoy!