4 Jan 2011

Lisalla Montenegro has one hell of a slender little body

Lisalla Montenegro Lingerie

I don’t know if starting your day with an undisclosed amount of time drooling over a bunch of insanely hot lingerie photos is going to help your productivity but… after showing you a new VS lingerie shoot with Ana Beatriz Barros we’ve got another incredibly beautiful Brazilian supermodel to please your eyes.

The girl in question is Lisalla Montenegro, a ridiculously hot model from Brazil who’s pretty new for us. I think it’s just the first time I’ve heard of this peach and after googling her name I found out she’s already pretty popular. Judging by her amazing looks, I understand why she gets a lot of attention.

She’s just 22 at the moment and she looks so damn cute that you’re probably going to squirm in your chair! Seriously. So, without further ado, here’s Brazilian supermodel Lisalla Montenegro looking absolutely stunning in this massive lingerie photoshoot for Wolford. Enjoy!