26 Feb 2010

Lisa Raye looking her absolute sexiest ever

Lisa Raye Black Men 1

To be honest, I’ve never seen a movie with Lisa Raye so I can’t say I’ve seen how she looks in her movies. Apparently she’s a pretty well known actress and also has a modeling career but this is the first time I’ve seen a couple of pictures with her and I was pretty amazed by how stunning she is.

I was even more amazed when I found her wiki page and discovered this babe is a bit over 40 but still has a rocking body that would make any chick envy her and could easily turn a lot of heads. From what I noticed she was about to play in a movie called The Black Man’s Guide to Understanding Black Women and since obviously black men and probably most men are into her, the guys from Black Men magazine decided to feature LisaRaye in their latest issue.

So, here we have LisaRaye showing off her pretty damn hot body in the April issue of Black Men Magazine looking sexier than ever.