3 Dec 2010

Lindsey Vonn could melt all snow if she wants to

Lindsey Vonn SI 1

Gosh, it’s freakin’ cold outside. Winter is almost here and the only thing I like about winter is snowboarding. And skiing. Oh well… that’s actually two, but I don’t practice skiing too often because… I think it’s a sport for wussies who can’t handle a snowboard. I just watch skiing on TV when I’m bored or when Lindsey Vonn comes up. That girl is a treat for our eyes!

I always knew that underneath that ski suit there’s a blonde hottie ready to drop our jaws straight to the floor and Sports Illustrated (and more recently ESPN) proved I’m right. This girl is an absolute stunner and whenever she unleashes her groovy little body I’m like a drooling zombie.

Just a couple of days ago I’ve seen her doing Sharon Stone’s “Basic Instinct” pose on the cover of the new ESPN mag and she was back in my mind. Not only she’s damn great at skiing, but she’s also incredible whenever she tries a provocative look and now I understand why she has that many fans all over the world.

I think a new type of skiing should be invented: bikini skiing and I’m pretty sure Lindsey will win that too. So… if you’re not a big fan of snow, here’s Lindsey Vonn looking ridiculously hot in bikinis for Sports Illustrated’s 2010 Swimsuit Issue. Yeah, these pics are a bit old, but I probably won’t get bored of them even if i’d watch them everyday.

If you don’t understand what’s snow or winter and you’re one of the guys that goes at the beach in January, then I’m not talking to you anymore.

[Images via SI]