16 Apr 2012

Lindsay Ellingson looking as adorably sexy as ever

I really can’t think of a better way to jump start your engines in this brand new week other than posting a couple of wonderful lingerie photos from Victoria’s Secret featuring one of their sweetest angels, the lovely Lindsay Ellingson. Here’s this uber cute peach showing off her tight little body once again in a couple of new, hotness amplifying, lingerie items from VS, of course.

Now as some of you guys and gals probably know already, I totally go bonkers for this cutie, especially when she’s unleashing her sexy little curves in skimpy lingerie, and as you can see, she’s doing exactly that today. So.. you probably imagine how freaking happy I was this morning when I’ve discovered this new set of photos of her, right?

Well I hope you’ll be just as happy as I am right now because Mondays usually suck and I’m pretty sure you need someone to cheer you up. Luckily for you, Lindsay Ellingson’s smile and hotness could do the trick. Enjoy!