18 Aug 2011

Lindsay Ellingson in lingerie will melt your eyeballs

Here’s a girl I totally love, the uber cute Lindsay Ellingson, looking drop dead sexy and showing off a whole lot of skin for the newest collection of sexy lingerie from Victoria’s Secret. As some of you guys probably already know, I’m totally infatuated with Lindsay and her kickass little body and this photoshoot is a great example as to why this peach will be one day my girlfriend.

That’s right my peeps, I dig this girl so much that I’ve decided I should have a long term relationship with her, long term meaning.. for about six months, at which point I’d most likely cheat on her with another Victoria’s Secret model, but it would have been a fun six months, I guess.

Anyways, it’s been quite a long time since the last time we had the privilege of drooling over this girl’s sweet curves and thanks to Victoria’s Secret we finally have a new batch of photos with her to gush over. Time to click on the sexy thumbnails!