30 May 2012

Lina Posada Unleashes Her Perfectly Shaped Curves

I don’t wanna brag about this, but I’m pretty damn sure we were the first site to discover Colombian bombshell Lina Posada. Exactly one month ago we’ve published a breathtaking lingerie photoshoot with this peach here, saying that she shows you the true meaning of hot and, since then, I think she was featured on probably every mens site out there.

I’m glad that happened ’cause she was radiating with unmatched hotness and perfection and those sexy little curves surely deserve all the attention. Judging by the views, likes and a couple of emails I’ve received from some  of you guys, I’m pretty sure you were all over this peach and wanted to see more aand… that’s exactly what you’re about to do right now.

Here’s Lina Posada showing us that she looks like a supernova of hotness in bikinis as well thanks to these drool inducing swimwear shots from Paradizia. We have only eight photos from this photoshoot, but these should be more than enough for a total gush fest. Enjoy!