10 Dec 2012

Lina Posada looks totally banging in sexy bikinis

I don’t know if you guys and gals remember this, but almost two months ago we’ve posted a drool inducing swimwear photoshoot from Irgus, featuring the drop dead sexy Colombian model Lina Posada (here), and… guess what !? She’s back in our minds today with another awesome set of photos from the same company wearing the same hotness amplifying bikinis.

This time this blonde bombshell is prancing around a lovely beach showing everyone that her body is so damn hot and perfect that it probably should be illegal. Thankfully it’s not, so we get to drool over Lina Posada and her sexy little curves all day long and why not, all night long as well. Bikinis during the day, lingerie at night, this peach looks amazing in both.

Anyways, I have to visit my dentist in around one hour and I really hope these photos won’t make me squirm in that weird dentist chair. You can squirm and drool in any other chair, just not in the dentist’s chair. Enjoy!