16 Jul 2012

Lina Posada leaving very little to the imagination

Wow, here’s some exclusive stuff for you guys and gals… my one time uber crush from Colombia, the lovely Lina Posada, unleashing her hotness once again in a mind blowing bikini photoshoot from Paradizia. We’ve posted a couple of photos of this blonde bombshell modeling Paradizia swimwear three months ago here, but.. these brand new photos are waaay more insane!!

I guess Paradizia comes from paradise and.. if that’s how paradise looks like, I wanna live there (with Lina in a bikini of course). Hot damn, get a load of those groovy curves!!! She looks amazing in every single photo but.. I really don’t know why the heck did they photoshop these pics like this?

She’s so airbrushed in some of these photos that it almost looks like she’s painted, a big mistake since this girl looks really awesome without any work done on her pics. But meh, I’m sure you’ll be all over these photos.. Enjoy!