25 Jul 2013

Here’s proof that Lily Aldridge is flawless

The ridiculously sweet and adorably hot Victoria’s Secret supermodel Lily Aldridge is melting our faces once again with her perfect little curves in some brand spanking new lingerie photos from Victoria’s Secret, of course! Wowzers, this girl has been absolutely on fire lately!

This drop dead gorgeous, drool inducing and wickedly sexy angel has got us all excited, as always; she’s absolutely gorgeous in these photos, unleashing her insanely slender curves, perky bosom and killer legs and.. well, just look at her! This babe and her slender little body are just oozing sex appeal all over my display and I guess she could easily make you melt into a puddle in just a matter of seconds.

Whenever she jumps in sexy lingerie, we all know we’re going to see an incredible display of sexiness. This drop dead gorgeous, drool inducing and wicked lil’ body could even make you forget your full name.. She’s simply flawless! Let the drooling begin!