23 Jan 2013

Lily Aldridge is back and looking sexier than ever!

Alright mates, get ready for another awesome treat! It’s been far, far too long since we last had the privilege of drooling over one of my favorite supermodels from Victoria’s Secret, the ridiculously hot Lily Aldridge, unleashing her insanely sexy little body in hotness-amplifying lingerie, so.. here she is, doing exactly that, in her new batch of Victoria’s Secret lingerie photos.

This girl totally has it, right? And by “it” I’m talking about her slender curves, perky bosom, killer legs, sexy booty and so on. And whenever she jumps in sexy lingerie, we all know we’re going to see an incredible display of sexiness, spread over 48 photos in this drool inducing gallery below.

Ok, enough gushing, because most of you guys and gals probably don’t even ready this right now so.. time to start the clicking and gawking part.  Enjoy!