11 Oct 2012

Lilian Queiroz in lingerie is a seriously sexy little minx!

Alright mates, here’s another girl we haven’t seen in a long, long time, a Brazilian super hottie who goes by the name Lilian Queiroz. Now I know that for most of you guys this is the just the first time you’ve heard of this peach but.. I’m pretty sure you’ll remember this day from now on. Why? Because I still remember the first time I’ve seen Lilian like it was yesterday.

She looked exactly like you’d expect from a Brazilian supermodel, absolutely hot and uber sweet from head to toe, while modeling all sorts of hotness amplifying lingerie. And this is exactly what you’re about to see right now as well, Lilian Queiroz showing off her perfect little body in fancy lingerie from Macy’s.

I’m going to cut this one short since it’s Thursday Night Football so you can either start watching the game or start clicking on the sexy thumbnails below. Your pick, enjoy!