24 Dec 2012

Lena Gercke in fancy lingerie may make you faint

Here’s an early Christmas gift for you guys and gals, a drool inducing lingerie photoshoot from Fredericks of Hollywood featuring one of the world’s hottest WAGs, the adorably hot German supermodel Lena Gercke. In case this is just the first time you’ve heard of this blonde bombshell, don’t worry, you’re probably not alone.

She’s the winner of the first edition of Germany’s Next Top Model and since then she took the world by storm with her perfect little curves and hotness. She’s dating Sami Khedira but.. who cares about that lucky bastard? Let’s talk about this wonderful photoshoot instead because good lord, she can melt butter with just one look.

She looks so freaking sweet that I nearly forgot it’s Christmas Eve today and that’s not a small feat. I can go on and on about how drop dead gorgeous she is and how I would like to spend Christmas with her one day, but I’ll let you guys get to being mesmerized by Lena’s sexiness instead. Enjoy!