17 Feb 2012

Leigh Yeager is new for us and.. adorably hot!

It’s Friday, Friday.. gosh I hate that girl who ruined Fridays for us. We have a couple of breathtaking photoshoots ready to be posted today that are surely going to make your Friday even better than it normally is and.. we’ll start with a supermodel from US that I guess most of you guys don’t even know yet. That’s because we haven’t heard of her either until this day.

Yeah, I’m a bit ashamed to say that I’ve didn’t know who this peach is because a) she’s ridiculously hot and b) she’s a model from US and I MUST know every supermodel from this country. Her name is Leigh Yeager and, as you’re about to see from the next photos, she’s beyond stunning whenever she poses in lingerie. That’s what made me think initially that she’s Brazilian. But she’s 100% American.

Having said that, here’s Leigh Yeager busting out her drop dead sexy body in a sizzling collection of photos for La Redoute lingerie making us all believe at love at first sight. I’m totally digging this girl and, after gawking at these pics, I’m pretty damn sure you will too. Enjoy!