1 Jun 2010

Leia Freitas is new and pretty hot for Maxim

Leia Freitas Maxim 1

I have absolutely no clue who is Leia Freitas so maybe you could help us with a couple of details about this girl. She was featured in a couple of Mexican magazines lately but apparently she’s an actress or model from Brazil with the right features to impress all men.

I tried to do some research about her but I gave up after the first five pages in Google so she’s still pretty unknown for the rest of the world at the moment. Judging by her stunning photoshoot from the latest issue of Maxim Mexico this babe definitely deserves a lot more attention from us all and we hope we’ll see more pics like these with her in the future.

I think she’d look a lot better without that hair bang but probably your eyes will go on other parts of her delightful body. Anyway, here’s Leia Freitas showing off her pretty amazing curves in the June 2010 Issue of Maxim Mexico. Enjoy!