5 Feb 2013

Lehmann LA100 Personal Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Not only the army can have drones and UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) in these days, but you can use the same technology for some purposes that are less harmful and more fun.

The Lehmann GoPro Personal UAV is capable of flying a camera to the height of up to 100 metersand performs 5-minute aerial scouting with an autopilot system. With its internal power unit and a propeller you can put this UAV to use even in very warm (60 degrees Celsius) or very cold temperatures (-25 degrees Celsius) and even during the strong winds, since it always auto-adjusts itself to provide the best possible images.

After it took its course the UAV will land back to its dock and you can download the photos to see what it managed to provide. The firm also provides you with a camera for the devicewhich can offer you full HD images or films and can bemounted in two positions for either vertical or horizontal images. You can even mount two cameras at the same time!

The entire system costs around 1300 dollars of just 990 dollars if you exclude the GoPro camera.