23 Aug 2011

Lauren Ridealgh is going to rock your world

Here’s British bombshell and one of the sexiest babes on the entire freaking planet, Lauren Ridealgh, looking hotter than a supernova in this new batch of drool inducing photos from Baci Lingerie. Wow, wow and.. wow! I’m pretty speechless right now but even if I was able to say anything about these photos, words can’t do this girl justice.

She is perfect from head to toe and.. the definition of sexy if you ask me. And if these photos won’t make you go gaga all over her amazing little body then I think you might need to consult a doctor or something because you clearly have some problems with your eyes.

Anyways, today we’ll have a Baci lingerie bonanza and this wonderful photoshoot with Lauren Ridealgh is just the first of two awesome shoots you’re about to gush over today. I need some air now… Enjoy!