8 Nov 2013

Lauren Mellor is one piece of South African hotness

Taking a close look at super hottie Lauren Mellor and her tight little model body, I can now understand why South Africa is scorching hot all year-round. There are hot babes that aren’t beautiful, but look at her.. she’s one sweet, temptress cutie! And since she’s posing in Littlewoods lingerie outfits, she’s definitely not making things easier for us.

Since it’s Friday and we’re all tired, I won’t bother you with bio or info about this hottie, not because she’s not worthy, but because we’d all rather kick back and enjoy a new entry for the sake of the hot, sultry pics; and boy, she’s got that covered, right?! And she’ll definitely convince you to do a quick Google search for her name after these pics.

Lauren Mellor is a super sweet babe that will keep you up the entire weekend! How you’re going to be busy.. that’s your business. But, if you can handle this girl’s perfect curves, feel free to click the gallery below and enjoy it. Otherwise, watch out.. We plan to bring this fox back as soon as possible! Have a great weekend, y’all!