3 Nov 2011

Lauren Budd just made me weak at the knees

Celebrity hotties were pretty boring today so… since I feel we don’t get to see one of my favorite British models, Lauren Budd, nearly enough as we should, I’ve decided I could share with you guys these drop dead sexy photos of Lauren modeling swimwear and lingerie for Nelly. That sounds pretty great, eh?

As you can clearly see from any of these photos, Lauren Budd can make you drool like a damn fool no matter what she’s wearing. Of course, it’s a lot better when she’s wearing lingerie or sexy bikinis and some of her most amazing bits are not covered and you’ll get to see that in this photoshoot as well.

So, without further ado, enjoy these breathtaking photos and make sure to check out the related articles below for even more Lauren Budd hotness.