7 Jul 2010

Laura Leigh Siani in lingerie just blew my mind!

Laura Leigh Siani 2

Some of you might have already heard of Laura Leigh Siani, an extremely hot model who is one of the contestants on “True Beauty”, an ABS reality show produced by Ashton Kutcher and Tyra Banks. Apparently she captured America’s heart after appearing in this show but since we haven’t seen any episode, we didn’t even knew this peach exists.

After seeing a bunch of pictures with Laura she managed to impress us quite a lot and we might even try to see an episode of that show one day. Hope it’s not as boring and stupid as America’s Next Top Model because that’s also produced by Tyra.

Anyway, back to Laura Leigh Siani. This babe is a 21 year old stunner who was featured in a bunch of calendars last year but her career really took off after she appeared on “True Beauty” and also after appearing in a photo spread for Maxim Magazine a while ago.

Many other people wanted to see more of this beauty and the mens magazine American Curves made a new insanely hot pictorial with Laura Leigh Siani showing off her groovy little body in skimpy lingerie.