29 Nov 2010

Laura Dore is so hot you may actually faint

Laura Dore Lingerie 1

Here’s the uber sexy Laura Dore, who we’ve previously featured here, unleashing her curvaceous body in what she calls lingerie for a new photoshoot for Show magazine. This peach is from Austin, Texas and as the saying says “everything is big in Texas” she can certainly add her name to that statement.

She was featured in a bunch of lads mags until now and, from what I’ve seen, she looks freaking sexy in bikinis and lingerie. With that groovy body she probably looks amazing no matter what she’s wearing and these pics will definitely make you remember her name.

I mean… she really, really, really looks ridiculously sexy in these photos. So much so, that I’m going to shut up and let you guys click on these sexy pictures. But first, a question: Is that really lingerie from the top photo? If it is.. every other girl in the world should start wearing that kind of lingerie. We won’t say no to that, eh?