26 Mar 2010

Laura Dore is a stunning Show piece

Laura Dore Show 1

Laura Dore calls herself Sweedie Cyanide and well, if she’s really like that… then I’d probably like to take a dose of her. Laura started modeling just a couple of years ago but she’s still fairly unknown for most of us even though she appeared in Show magazine a while ago. She was born in Austin, Texas and as the saying says “everything is big in texas” she can certainly add her name to that statement.

Her curvaceous body was also featured in other magazines and now Show decided she deserves another special issue and they published a new amazing bikini photoshoot with Laura Dore in their April 2010 issue. This babe is almost 24 at the moment and if she keeps looking this hot we will probably hear more about her in the future.

Until that happens, these pics from the latest issue of Show magazine are just enough to please our eyes.