27 Feb 2013

Lara Alvarez and her hotness will melt you into a puddle

Alright mates, I’m going to make this short and sweet, because if I don’t put a limit to this upcoming gush-fest, I probably won’t ever stop. I’m not kidding, seriously. Here’s one of the sexiest girls you probably don’t know yet, Spanish sportscaster and TV presenter Lara Alvarez showing off her mesmerizing curves in skimpy little lingerie for Kiby’s.

I was so impressed this morning when I’ve clicked on the first photos of this peach that I even started to believe that love at first sight is real and it’s actually happening right now. This girl is perfect to a T and I’m freaking glad we’ve just discovered her today, because she’s going to turn this Wednesday into a day to remember.

Her hotness might be too much to handle, and I’m saying that because these photos made me squirm uncontrollably on my chair for minutes. And if you don’t believe my words, I’m pretty sure these photos will speak for themselves and… I’m also sure that you’ll remember this girl’s name from now on. Enjoy!