5 Apr 2012

Lakers beat Clippers in the battle for Los Angeles

I’ll be honest with you guys: I’ve never thought I’m going to see games this exciting in the battle for Los Angeles, between the pretty damn great Lakers and a Clippers team that, let’s face it, wasn’t too great. Actually, when Elton Brand left the team a couple of years ago I was pretty sure the Clips would be one of the weakest teams in the league for many, many years to come but boy I was wrong.

That changed a bit with the arrival of Blake and this year it changed completely thanks to CP3, Billups and company. The Clippers were in front of the Lakers most of the season but after Billups had a season-ending injury, they struggled a bit and the Lakers went in front in rankings. In this last week though.. the Clippers had a crazy six game winning streak while Lakers the struggled against top contenders so that made it even more interesting.

Last night was one of the most awesome games between these two teams, a game with insane plays, jaw dropping dunks, an exciting last minute and many more highlights, but in the end the Los Angeles Lakers had their last laugh, ending with 5 points more than the Los Angeles Clippers in a 113-108 victory. (highlights below)

Andrew Bynum was almost unstoppable, really a monster in the paint, scoring 36 points with eight boards and four blocks while Kobe scored 16 points in the first quarter only, ended with 31, six assists and five rebounds but the most important thing about Kobe is that, with the game on the line and the ball in his hands, he drilled a long two to take the win.

The Lakers led most of the game but Lob City made a crazy comeback to tie the game up and even took the lead in the fourth for a while. Chris Paul scored 22 and had 16 assists (yes, sixteen) while Blake Griffin finished with just 15 points and two insane dunks over Pau Gasol that are going to be instant classic. Still, he needs to do better than that if he wants this team to win against top teams in the league. (a closer look to both dunks below)

After the game the Lakers have a 2.5 game lead over the Clippers for the #3 seed in the Western conference and now the score between these two teams in 2-1 this season.