27 Mar 2012

Lais Ribeiro will literally make you feel weak at the knees

Oh my, another day, another wonderful lingerie photoshoot with a Brazilian supermodel that will surely make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The fine folks from Victoria’s Secret picked one of my favorite supermodels in the world right now, the adorably hot Lais Ribeiro, to model some of their new lingerie and the final result was absolutely breathtaking.

This girl is so scorching hot that she could make you learn Portuguese just to be able to say ‘voce e muito bonita’ in case you ever get to meet her. That means “you are really beautiful”, I’m a smartass, used Google Translate for that lol. Anyways, there’s nothing that pleases me more on a Tuesday afternoon than gawking at this little peach’s groovy curves and I’m pretty sure you’ll agree with me on that.

Seeing Lais Ribeiro in skimpy lingerie is one of the awesome ways to waste your time and here we have 32 photos that should keep you busy for at least half an hour until we’re ready with the next post of the day. Enjoy!