20 Sep 2012

Lais Ribeiro drops the hotness (and my jaw to the floor)

Alright guys, you know how much I dig Brazilian supermodel Lais Ribeiro and her groovy little curves, right? Well, take this girl’s groovy curves and wrap them in sexy lingerie from Victoria’s Secret, and voila! I’m happier than an old lady winning at bingo. I’m sure you guys will feel the same way when you’ll click on the first photo from this breathtaking gallery.

Every inch of this girl’s body screams Brazilian perfection and, even though most people would say that Adriana or Gisele are the hottest Brazilian girls, I’ve compared many, many photos (for research, you know) and right now, Lais blows everyone else out the water. She’s the definition of ‘hot’ and if you don’t believe me, just ask the ones interested in global warming and they’ll probably say it’s this girl’s fault.

Now if I only could convince Lais to come to my parent’s basement one day.. I’d feel like the luckiest dude alive haha. Enjoy!