15 Jul 2013

Lais Ribeiro can melt me any day!

Do you love chocolate? Good! Do you enjoy perfect Brazilian supermodel curves? Even Better! But if you ever wondered what happens when you combine the two then… you’re gonna love this! It’s been a while since we’ve had the privilege of gawking at a couple of photos of this vision of perfection that is Lais Ribeiro; but today, thanks to the guys from Victoria’s Secret, we finally have a brand spanking new set of photos with this peach that will totally make your day.

This new set of photos is a just another great visual evidence that Lais is the proud owner of one of the sexiest/most perfect bodies on entire planet right now. This hoochie mama is unleashing an onslaught of uber sexiness while posing in skimpy lingerie and turning us all into a pack of brain dead drooling zombies in the process. That sounds pretty good, eh?

SShe makes me melt into a puddle with every single appearance. Whether she’s showing off her rollercoaster curves in sexy lingerie, or dropping our jaws in bikinis or.. well, she’s simply the definition of ‘hot’. We’ve had the privilege of drooling over the uber sweet Brazilian angel Lais Ribeiro before, and.. that’s exactly what we’re about to do right now. Enjoy!