15 May 2017

Why Do More Ladies Regret Having A One-Night Stand?

We’ve all been there. It felt so good while it lasted…but why does it feel so wrong the day after? We’ve all had that post-sex regret. It seems, though, that the ladies regret sex more than us. If you believe me, then here is science to back me up.

One Night Stand

According to the latest research by our friends from Norway, more ladies experience post-sex regret as compared to men, and there are a couple of factors why.

Low Sexual Enjoyment

Well, for starters, more women get disappointed from their one-night stands. One of the reasons why women usually regret having a one-night stand is that they have set such a high expectation of getting pleasured but we just fall short. The problem with us men is that we tend to focus on our orgasmic experience than pleasing the woman we are partnered with. It might be because of the once prominent misogynistic culture that we grew accustomed with.

Morally At Risk

Also, it is said that women have a higher risk of losing their face (in terms of moral integrity) in public if the act is known. It’s sad that we push for equality, but in the end, society just expects women to behave more properly.

Other Risks

Finally, women worry about the other risks brought about by sex as compared to men. They worry more about getting pregnant, or acquiring a sexually transmitted disease – much more than us guys! There is no really surprise in that, not that we don’t worry about those things, because we also do. The thing is, even if we DO worry about these things it doesn’t really follow that we regret the act itself.

In the end, it seems that women are just hardwired to have sex to procreate rather than perform the deed for the purpose of casually sharing sensual moments with other partners. We could even say that they have rather more sexual maturity than us men.