21 Jul 2010

Lacey Von Erich will knock you off your chair

Lacey Von Erich 1

I used to consider wrestling pretty boring and apart from John Cena I didn’t knew any other wrestler out there so… this says a lot about how interested I am in this sport. But I just bumped into a wrestling match between two hotties and, even though it wasn’t that great, I was sitting in front of my tv like a fool watching these two babes fighting.

Add a couple of beers after a barbecue with friends and this wrestling match between two hot babes and you get the perfect evening recipe. Sex should be great too, but I’ll keep that for later.

Anyway, back to chicks wrestling. Until now we’ve seen quite a lot of pictures with girls who wrestle but we haven’t posted any of them here yet. Today though, I bumped into a couple of pictures with Lacey Von Erich and I was completely amazed by this blonde stunner.

She’s just as a old as I am, she’s a bit hotter and she can also fight. Her real name is Lacey Adkisson and she’s a professional wrestler in TNA Wrestling. I’d probably love to watch one of her matches especially since she wears that amazing outfit.

Now this peach was featured in quite a lot of hot photoshoots until now and she even appeared in Playboy once so… that says a lot about how hot she is. And today we’ve decided to show you a gallery of hotness with Lacey Von Erich showing off her amazing little body. Enjoy!