7 Apr 2010

Kristen Renee is just what the doctor ordered

Kristen Renee 6

Celebrities are pretty boring today so we decided to present you another babe you’ve probably never heard of. We’re talking about Kristen Renee, a 21 year old Native American swimsuit, fashion & import model. I’m not too impressed about that Native American thingie but I’m surely impressed by this girl’s groovy curves.

Her body is hot enough to melt the entire Arctic Ocean and since she’s pretty young at the moment, I’m sure we’re going to hear a lot more about this babe in the future. That brilliant Frenchman who invented the bikini definitely had in mind that a babe like Kristen Renee will end up wearing it and the whole picture looks more than tasty.

She’s not willing to take all her clothes off and she also studies some medical stuff that I’m obviously not interested in so this babe also has other interesting things besides her beauty. Natural or not, she’s hot and I dig that native hotness.