8 Aug 2017

Knife Capital Of Europe And Where To Find It

If you are a regular reader here at Brosome, you might already know by now that I am a blade fan. My childhood dream (and still my current dream) is to become a swordsman. I want to collect swords as well, actually I already have a few in my stash, all bought from the Philippines – Batangas and Tabaco, Albay. Again, not that surprising since I have Filipino blood running through my veins.

But of course, much like a lot of swordsmen in the world, my absolute dream is to travel. To become a traveling swordsman just like my favorite swordsman, Musashi Miyamoto. Well, if I ever get ridiculously rich, you all know where I’m heading! Welcome to…

Thiers, The Knife Capital of Europe

Thiers is a French town known for their locally made folding knives. And I’m talking about rare and beautiful knives enough to make a blade geek, like me, cry with tears of joy! The blade masters here are just that, masters, who have been making knives since the fifteenth century. In fact, ancient grindstones point out that they may even be making these knives earlier than that, around 1300.

The town even has a legendary brotherhood known as the Confrerie du Couteau Le Thiers or the Brotherhood of the Thiers Knife. They have come together to design a knife distinct to their town. The knife, with a simple design called “Le Thiers” is also based from the original ideas of their guild’s 16th century forefathers.

Every piece is a work of art, handcrafted by an artisan. In fact, you can even have one custom-made, selecting your own blade and handle. Do you want a stainless steel blade? Or maybe the legendary Damascus steel? Would you want a wooden handle? Animal bone perhaps? How about a rare and expensive mammoth tooth?