25 Jun 2013

Klaudia El Dursi in bikinis is a sexy little minx

Here’s a sexy little minx that we rarely get to see, Polish supermodel and super hottie Klaudia El Dursi, looking all kinds of screaming hot and busting out her bodacious curves in a new set of drool inducing photos from Lori swimwear.

I haven’t found too many details about this babe and I’m still pretty sure most of you guys and gals don’t even know her name.. but you will!.. after I let you guys enjoy this amazing display of sexiness and drool inducing curves for about 15 minutes. Even her name sounds really hot!

I’ve been totally crushing on Polish hotties lately and this drop dead gorgeous model has the right curves in all the right places; she is just stunning. And you can totally see that she really loves to show off her tight little body… so, let’s just sit back and enjoy the show.Enjoy!