25 Jan 2012

Kim Cloutier rocking out big time in skimpy lingerie

Alright mates, yesterday we’ve posted a drool inducing photoshoot with one of the hottest Canadian models, Andi Muise, that I’m sure you’ve all loved and.. guess what? We’re going to jump start your engines today with another Canadian hottie, the lovely Kim Cloutier, unleashing her sexy everything in a brand spanking new lingerie photoshoot for Lou Paris.

Gosh.. I don’t get to say to say this pretty often but these photos are definitely wallpaper worthy!! Perfect size, perfect poses, perfect girl and, you’ve guessed it.. perfect body as well! Is she ridiculously hot or what? I’m starting to like Canadian hotties more and more and it’s all thanks to girls like Andi and Kim Cloutier who could make you shiver in a matter of seconds.

Now, if these photos aren’t enough for a total gush fest for you, you could also check out our previous posts with Kim prancing around in even more lingerie (here). That will definitely make your day a looot better. Enjoy!