27 Jun 2012

Kim Cloutier could actually be called perfect

Wow, wow and wow! Believe it or not, there are many hotties from Canada as well, one of them being the lovely Kim Cloutier. She’s easily my favorite Canadian supermodel and, in case you haven’t seen any pics with her yet, I’m pretty damn sure she’s going to be your favorite as well after gawking at the gallery below.

Here she is showing off her uber hotness and killer curves in skimpy lingerie from 3Suisses, looking like a sexy little minx in the process. Sweet Christmas, if this photoshoot is not good enough to be called ‘awesome’ then.. I really don’t know what is. This peach is a major hottie to begin with and.. whenever she poses in lingerie she jumps up to supernova levels of hotness.

Seriously, is that not one of the most gorgeous bodies you’ve ever seen, or what !? These are the type of photos that will give you something to dream about tonight so I’m going to stop right here and leave you guys to the most important part: clicking and drooling. Enjoy!